About the Hope Ukulele Club

In May 2018, I went to the Hope branch of the Fraser Valley Regional Library, inquiring about a jam night for ukulele enthusiasts. There wasn’t one. However, the library had incorporated their Uke’n Play program and thought the idea was a good one. I had moved to town from Vancouver, and was a part of the Vancouver Ukulele Circle. The branch manager asked if I would take on the project as the group leader and use the library as the gathering space. I thought that Hope would love a ukulele group. I accepted!

I wanted to incorporate that same casual, comfortable, drop-in setting that most uke groups have – to make new members feel at ease. I created a songbook and had a little bit of ukulele-know-how so that new players could immediately participate. After a few months of space at the Hope library, the group then found a new home at the Blue Moose Coffee House.

Are you a beginner (or a never-done'r)? Don't worry! You'll find that the ukulele is a simple instrument to learn. In no time you'll have some basic chords managed and will be able to join in for some strumming fun!

Though I accepted this mission of leading the Hope Ukulele Club, I can't do it alone! I need members to bring their sense of humour and open-minds to our meets (as well as a ukulele)! Bring your own uke, or loan one from the Fraser Valley Regional Library!  Each month, we'll select a few songs to play to fill the hour. And trust me...that hour will go by fast! 

See you at our next meet!


The Hope Ukulele Club logo, created by 

Sanford Williams & Marlana Williams

In native westcoast design, the hummingbird is a symbol of joy, playfulness, and friendship.

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