Sorry we no longer are available by email. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that we have received in the past. If you require more information, please find us during one of our meets to speak to us in person.
Q: How can I obtain a songbook?
A: Bring $20 cash to a Hope Ukulele Meet. We no longer have books on-hand. Books are prepaid/preordered. Once paid, you will receive your book at the next meet.
Q: Is there a fee for the drop ins?
A: No fee. We just ask that if you do not order a coffee or treat from the Blue Moose that you kindly consider tipping the staff as we do take up several spots in their facility for the hour that we are there.
Q: Do I need some skill in order to show up?
A: Not at all. You will get to know the chords and lyrics after a while. If you're unsure of a chord, strum a zen-chord or refrain from playing the chord. Same with the lyrics. Sing what you know, or sing if you're comfortable with it!
Q: Is it ukuleles only? Or can I bring my guitar?
A: Yes, it's preferably ukes only. The exception is a bass ukulele. 
Q: Can the group perform at various functions?
A: No. We are not a band or an act. We are just a gathering of ukulele enthusiasts. We do not go to schools or events to play or teach.
Q: Can my child attend?
A: They may if they are well-behaved and choose to participate as any other individual. However, we are not babysitters and don't play children's songs. Some songs from our songbook may not be understood lyrically by most children, as the content might be mature or advanced. For this, we ask that you use your discretion as a parent. 


6:30-7:30 pm on the 2nd Friday of each month at the Blue Moose Coffee House.

322 Wallace Street

Hope, British Columbia

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